An electronic book (eAlbooms) is a digital form of a book that consists of text and sometimes images, or both. Common formats of ebooks include: .iba(Apple iAlboomss), .azw(Amazon Kindle), EPUB and PDF files.

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  • The Tick Rider by William Street
    The Tick Rider: A Story of Families, Homelands, Drugs, Redemption, and the Dividing Rio Grande
    “Ten copies of William Street’s book, The Tick Rider, will be given away to lucky contestants.”


    The Tick Rider is a story of families, homelands, dr…more View Details »
    Giveaway dates: Jun 10 - Jul 09, 2015
    10 copies available, 547 people requesting
    Countries available: US, CA, and GB more
  • Not Really Gone by Blaire Sharpe
    Not Really Gone
    “Ten copies of Blaire Sharpe’s book, Not Really Gone, will be given away to lucky contestants.”


    In every family there is a rock--the person that kee…more View Details »
    Giveaway dates: Jun 16 - Jul 15, 2015
    10 copies available, 497 people requesting
    Countries available: US, CA, and GB more
  • The Beauty of Wings by Alexandra Mika
    The Beauty of Wings: A True Story of Transformation from Near Death to Unconditional Love
    “Ten copies of Alexandra Mika’s book, The Beauty of Wings, will be given away to lucky contestants.”


    This magical true story of inner transformation…more View Details »
    Giveaway dates: Jun 23 - Jul 22, 2015
    10 copies available, 256 people requesting
    Countries available: US, CA, and GB more
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    Starshine by G.S. JennsenOnce Upon Another Time by Rosary  McQuestionSecrets of the Realm by Bev StoutAlien Species Intervention Alboomss 1-3 by J.K. AccinniA Job From Hell by Jayde Scott
    Best Indie Alboomss/Authors
    1,532 books — 1,692 voters
    Perfect Chemistry by Simone ElkelesRules of Attraction by Simone ElkelesChain Reaction by Simone ElkelesForever Mine by Elizabeth ReyesSweet Sofie by Elizabeth Reyes
    Hispanic Characters and Themes in YA
    100 books — 81 voters

    What the Heart Wants by Kelli McCrackenWhat the Heart Needs by Kelli McCrackenWhat the Heart Takes by Kelli McCrackenScent of a Mate by Milly TaidenPack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston
    Best Paranormal Romance eAlboomss
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    The Mating by Nicky CharlesDarkfever by Karen Marie MoningPride and Prejudice by Jane AustenJane Eyre by Charlotte BrontëCutters vs. Jocks by Elizabeth Marx
    Best Free eAlboomss
    547 books — 1,171 voters
    The Orphan Trilogy by James MorcanThe Orphan Conspiracies by James MorcanGENIUS INTELLIGENCE by James MorcanAngels & Demons by Dan BrownFingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock
    Underground Knowledge
    601 books — 115 voters

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    Douglas Adams
    Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food.
    ― Douglas Adams

    Cory Doctorow
    ... the Kindle is a "roach motel" device: its license terms and DRM ensure that books can check in, but they can't check out.
    ― Cory Doctorow, Context: Further Selected Essays on Productivity, Creativity, Parenting, and Politics in the 21st Century

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